Monday, June 1, 2015

Intrigue Most Unbecoming...

"Well?" Annette settled herself comfortably in the brocade chair opposite Hebble and arranged her gown carefully. Edward sighed and regarded his wife with a mixture of disapproval and what might be pride. Their guest, however, now wore a shuttered look, his thick-set features unreadable but for a certain avarice which

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Of Scandals, Schemes And Subterfuge...

The Countess of Walmer slammed the door behind her with a vicious resentment that she did not bother to hide. It made a most satisfying sound, but the effect was a little wasted, for Selby was her only audience. His customary dignified and impassive demeanor remained unruffled. Even a single eyebrow raised in disapprobation might have provided some measure of assurance that her distress had at least been noticed by someone.

She swept into the library only because she noticed the movement on the first floor landing, a sign that one of their guests was no doubt making their way downstairs for breakfast.Annette had no desire for breakfast, nor for the onerous company of anyone at that present moment in time. Being dismissed, especially by a gentleman and in such cruelly

Monday, May 25, 2015

A Twist In The Tale

From the comfortable chair behind his desk, Edward, the current Earl of Walmer, watched the tense scene in the garden with one ear tuned to the droning complaints of his unwelcome companion. He knew he should focus more on his guest rather than the tableau outdoors - the man was arrogant, to be sure, but he did hold the aces - but one could forgive a husband's natural concern over his wife's previous romantic attachments.

The silence intruded into his contemplation, and he felt compelled to drag his attention back to the matter at hand. Joseph Hebble had ceased speaking, and his gaze had now fixed on the couple on the bench sitting too close than propriety allowed.